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Indian Ethnic Wear- Dipti K

It is rightly said, ” A girl never buys her first Saree that she wears… She chooses from the wardrobe of her Mother.” 😊😊😊😊 . www.diptik.in . #indianstyle #indianwear #traditional #sareeblouse #saree #fashion #style #smile #mumbai #sareeaddict #sarees #sareeswag.

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Pouting: Need of the hour or an Epidemic

Pouting is a phenomenon of pushing one’s lips or one’s bottom lip forward as an expression which has become the need of the hour. Pouting has become an epidemic and is spreading like wild fire among teenagers, adults and.

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Essential leggings for your wardrobe

These pants might pinch your pocket but they are worth the splurge. These are soft, fit like a dream, and make you look classy. Additionally, these are multipurpose and can be worn to the gym or beyond. Paired with a.

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Breaking the monotony…

How many times have you thought of looking different each time there is a function you have to attend? And what is the definition of different for you – is it wearing a different color Lehenga or a different.

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