13 Things about Freelancing and Me

Freelancing for me isnโ€™t just about looking for short-term work. Thereโ€™s a whole lot of adventure down the freelancing road, a journey that only a true freelancer can endure and understand: battles against distraction, the hunt for unpaid invoices,etc

For me the freelance lifestyle is built on the idea of having more time to do what I love. It is about freedom to work from home, be your own boss or to have the flexibility to travel when I want.

As a freelancer I try to create a work life reality that fits my own expectations and unique circumstances.

1. My new office attire

The temptation to not get dressed can be huge when thereโ€™s no dress code to adhere to and no one to get dressed for. As a freelancer , I burnt My suit, briefcase and even my shoes, all I need now is a laptop, an endless supply of coffee and the same pajamas I slept in last night.

But I like to be causally dressed while working as the clothes I am wearing has a huge impact on the way our brains perceive the role that weโ€™re filling. So I like to wear colourful clothes which I am comfortable in. During client meetings I am formally dressed. For all the other times I like to be casually dressed.

2. Work on the goโ€ฆ

The best part about my freelancing is that i have combined multiple businesses together. I try my level best toย interweave them into each other. I take care that none of them get affected because of other.

My laptop and other gadgets are always with me when I travel, thus I can manage having a right balance of work and pleasure.

3. Salary increases and everything is taken care ofโ€ฆ

I had to build up on my experience, my networks and my client base before I could even think about being a freelancer.

Itโ€™s hard work, and in the beginning it used all my energy but I had to stay afloat and keep the work coming in while I got my name out there.

I didn’t start making money from the very beginning, so one has to ensure that they have savings to cover at least a few months or more as a precautionary measure.

4. Itโ€™s less stressful than working for someone else

As a freelancer I am running my own small business. This means I am my companyโ€™s accountant, sales person, project manager and CEO.

5. I am the BOSSโ€ฆ.

I am a freelancer – I am my own boss now, right?

I may not have one single boss anymore, but I have soon noticed that instead I have a handful of mini-bosses – my new clients – each with a very specific idea of how that project should be carried out.

The only privilege that I have is thatย  if I have a particularly unreasonable client then I have the absolute right to turn that project down. This is a definite privilege of freelancing that can never be enjoyed when working as a regular employee

6. My time is my own

Working for myself can mean that I am never going to be able to fully switch off from work, which could mean my work eats a lot more of my personal time than an office job might without me even noticing it.

I have realised that there is no going home at the end of the day and I canโ€™t just work ‘normal hours’ but itโ€™s 24-7 at times.

Just because I work from home doesnโ€™t mean I am open 24 hours a day. I try and set up reasonable expectations that I can live up to all the time with my clients.

7. More time for my friends

I am a freelancer but my friends are still in their office jobs and the only time that I can catch up with them is holidays or after work. But due to uncertainty of work, I cannot actually know before hand about the work that I may get.

I end up spending a lot of time with freelancers or my pet as they are the only people who are available.

8. Charge less to win over clients

As a freelancer I am competing against other freelancers for jobs. Over a period of time I have realised that customers pay for and look for quality.

Another good method which I followed was during my corporate job – I worked on small projects for my friends and relatives so they had an idea about my work.

9. My movable office

I had the option of renting an office but then I thought otherwise. I made a promise to myself that I will not get myself trapped in between office walls for the rest of my life. With this in my mind, I started finding my own space where I was comfortable working. I started meeting clients in cafeterias, restaurants and added a new outlook to the meetings. In return got to visit new places and travel a lot.

You will see that my office can be anywhere possible where I feel comfortable and can get my work done.

10. Automation, a MUST

Being in the field of web development, it’s no surprise that I have to be highly automated to keep track of my work, schedule, deadlines, projects, communication, etc. You will always find me with my laptop and other technology gadgets which keep me connected to my work.

I like to detach from them from time to time so that I do not become a slave to technology and work.

11. More time to cook

I love to cook and try new dishes every now and then. Freelancing has greatly helped me develop as a better cook than before.

From making salads, starters, main course dishes and lot more. I love spending some extra time in the kitchen.

12. More time with family

The biggest advantage of freelancing is that you get to spend a lot of time with your family. I love being pampered by my family as I end up spending lot of time with them.

13. Stress-free travelling

I love travelling but traveling to work during peak hours was my worst nightmare. But now, I have got the flexibility of travelling to places which are less crowded for a meeting and arrange the timings of the meetings so that I don’t end up being stuck in the traffic.

Being in Mumbai and having the choice at most of the times to avoid getting stuck in traffic during peak hours is one of the greatest boons.

After a while, if you’re good, the work will find you – but in the early days I had some horrible gaps during which I felt the cold breath of unemployment at my neck.

A freelance programmerโ€™s life can be a hell and a heaven, it depends on how well you manage it.

So, now you know the truth about freelancing which I am personally undergoing! Think you need some more advice on getting that career off the ground? You can drop me an email at diptik@diptik.in for any inputs and suggestions.

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13 reasons why I love Goaโ€ฆ

Goa is perhaps Indiaโ€™s most popular destination. It is known for its massive beaches and a unique culture thatโ€™s a mix of Indian and Portuguese.

Have you ever fallen instantly in love with the feeling that this place gives you โ€“ something intangible, you canโ€™t really see it or touch it or explain it, all you can do is feel it and fall in love with the vibe, the energy and everything about it.

I canโ€™t quite explain how much I love this place, every day that passes here I find myself almost overcome with joy, I feel so lucky to be here and itโ€™s gonna break my heart to leave!

I take huge pleasure in the simple things in life, I love to feel the wind in my hair and the total freedom to explore on my bike, zipping between villages and beaches without having any real destination โ€“ just going where the wind takes me.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Goa is โ€˜freshโ€™. A perfect holiday destination to relax and rejuvenate, Goa is a different world all together. The moment you land on Dabolim Airport, there is a feeling of happiness and joy that engulfs you. Maybe this is one reason that many tourists both domestic and international visit this paradise each year.

Well there are two facets of the city โ€“ North Goa and South Goa. While North Goa is full of activity and lots of things happening, South Goa is a little quant and dainty. This is not all, youโ€™ll find more about these myriad aspects of Goa, so get ready for an awesome journey.

I have lost count of the number of times I have visited this glorious state โ€“ but I do know that number is in double digits by now. Many ask me why I love Goa and keep revisiting it instead of exploring new places โ€“ well, hereโ€™s my answer:

  1. Spectacular Beaches

    Goa has some of the most spectacular beaches in the world that are perfectly crescent shaped, fringed with palm trees and are dotted with beach huts. Most of these beaches have reddish sand, some have soft white sand, many have strange rocks formations, some have hills all around and a few of them have lagoons too! With 300 KMs of coastline, Goa offers something for everyone. If youโ€™re visiting Goa, I would suggest you to stay away from the overly crowded Calangute โ€“ Baga โ€“ Candolim stretch.

  2. Goaโ€™s Hidden Spots

    You think Goa is full? Well, maybe youโ€™re visiting the wrong area! No matter how touristy Goa gets, there are always some hidden spots that can be found if you try hard enough. There are a few secret lakes, lagoons, waterfalls and secluded beaches that no one will tell you about. Thereโ€™s ALWAYS something new to discover because Goa is massive.

  3. Goan Foodโ€ฆโ€ฆ

    Goa was once a Portuguese colony and the influences can be found in their food. With a mix of tamarind, coconut, curry leaves, mustard and magic, Goans definitely know how to ROCK their curries.

    Moreover, Goa has some amazing places for European food. Seriously, I have never had a bad meal in Goa!

  4. The Shacks of Goa

    Most of the beaches in Goa are dotted with sea facing shacks that are typically run by local Goan families. Itโ€™s easy to spend almost an entire day sitting on beach beds of these shacks gazing at the sea. Almost all of these shacks have a beach bar where you can order from a range of International drinks to Goaโ€™s local brews. Many of these shacks offer affordable accommodation. In my opinion, Goa has some of the best beach bars and shacks in the world.

  5. Cheap booze

    This is one of the places where the juice and milkshake bill is higher than the booze. I am not a fan of hard drinks but i can see lots of travelerโ€™s having a blast since its easy on their pockets.

    After all, one drink once in a while wonโ€™t cause any harm.

  6. The Best Partiesโ€ฆ Ever

    When it comes to parties, nothing can beat the old school psychedelic trance gatherings of Goa.

    In Goa, some of the best parties are underground and invitations are only by word of mouth for the โ€œinsidersโ€. If youโ€™re lucky enough to find one, you will remember the experience for the rest of your life!

  7. Safe and Peaceful

    While India is famous for its many scams, things are completely different in Goa.

    Goa is one of those rare places in India where I feel safe walking alone on the street at night wearing shorts.

  8. Stunning Architecture โ€“ Old Churches, Abandoned Forts and Portuguese Houses

    I love admiring architectural wonders and Goa is a treat for my eyes with its many Churches, Forts and old school Portuguese houses.

    Some of my favorite forts are Chapora Fort, Fort Aguada and Cabo de Rama โ€“ they all are fun to explore and overlook beaches.

  9. Goa is awesome for Shopping

    I have many things in my room that are more than a decade old and some of them are from Goa. Itโ€™s difficult to resist the urge to buy colorful clothes, lamps, tribal jewelry, UV bedsheets, elf dresses from Goaโ€™s street shops

  10. Happiness all around:

    Taking a break from the maddening routine and the concrete mesh, Goa is a refreshing change. The swaying palms and the splashing waves take away all the worries. And you are left with eternal bliss. Together with your special someone or spending some quality time with your parents, Goa will never disappoint you. You have to be here to experience what I am talking about. The entire feel is so positive that you are filled with new energy!

  11. Casino:

    When in Goa, try your luck at the array of casinos. It is a great experience! Even if you donโ€™t know how to play, just be there once to get that feel. Trust me it is different and enjoyable.

  12. Pretty Sunsets at the beach:

    Taking about love and not talking about sunsets, how is this possible? Goa witnesses some of the most beautiful sunsets ever which are majorly viewed by honeymoon couples. Maybe it is there that we actually get the time to notice such things and admire the beauty of nature. By the beach when the sky turns orange and shades of crimson, it is a sight that you cannot miss. Donโ€™t believe me, be there and see it for yourself!

  13. Tattoos

    My love for tattoos and Goa go hand in hand. Almost all of my tattoos are done in Goa. So each time I am here, I relive those moments

    Most of the beaches in Goa are dotted with sea facing shacks that are typically run by local Goan families. Itโ€™s easy to spend almost an entire day sitting on beach beds of these shacks gazing at the sea. Almost all of these shacks have a beach bar where you can order from a range of International drinks to Goaโ€™s local brews. Many of these shacks offer affordable accommodation. In my opinion, Goa has some of the best beach bars and shacks in the world.

    Nature conspires to provide the perfect backdrop of serene beaches and starlit skies while human beings design the rest. Serenading bands, romantic restaurants, charming architecture and a growing list of other entertainment options contribute to making Goa a timeless classic on the amorous travelerโ€™s itinerary

    In the end I still canโ€™t really explain why I love this place, itโ€™s just a feeling, but then maybe thatโ€™s all I need to know, why over complicate things.


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