Pouting: Need of the hour or an Epidemic

Pouting is a phenomenon of pushing one’s lips or one’s bottom lip forward as an expression which has become the need of the hour.

Pouting has become an epidemic and is spreading like wild fire among teenagers, adults and now even the old. Pun intended and this post is not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Here I present to you 27 ways and occasions of pouting, successfully achieved and captured.

1. Sports Lounge pout

2. Timepass traditional pout

3. Celebrity meet pout

4. Closeup pout

5. Cherrie (Pet) pout

6. Casual Freelancer pout

7. Shopping Mall pout

8. Coffee shop pout

9. Reception traditional pout

10. Nerdy pout

11. Timepass pout

12. DJ Dance floor pout

13. Saree pout

14. Car Driver pout

15. Car passenger pout

16. Front car seat pout

17. Mehendi pout

18. Beach pout

19. Scarf pout

20. Band Baja Baraat pout

21. Nose ring pout

22. Love is in the air pout

23. Restaurant entry pout

24. Kala Ghoda festival pout

25. Big Bindi traditional pout

26. T-Shirt pout

27. Sunset pout

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Pouting can be mastered over a period of time with practice. Good luck with your pouting. Happy Pouting.

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