Consulting for Businesses

At Dipti K we strive to understand your business model, your strengths and weaknesses, and the businessgoals you want to achieve through your business. We have one to one meetings and based on these findings, we deliver a fact-based Web marketing strategy that directly speaks to your customers.

Utilizing our Web marketing expertise and our one-on-one consulting process, we deliver a results-oriented Web strategy for your company.

The services that we provide are customized and are completely based on what is needed by the clients.

Some of the services that we provide under consulting are as mentioned below:

Web Needs Analysis

  • Need for website development and studying needs of customers and competitors

Digital Marketing Plans

  • Studying current online presence and how to improve on that
  • Content Creation & Delivery Calendar
  • Campaign Tactics Creation and Implementation
  • Complete Implementation Schedules & Costs

Brand Positioning

  • Competitive & SWOT Analysis
  • Help in creating a brand story
  • Adding social touch to the brand
  • Periodical analysis of the tactics used to improve brand presence

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