Mahuli Fort Trek- Dipti K

Mahuli Fort at 2815 ft, is a popular trekking destination and a paradise for trekkers.Β  Trekking is a good workout and helps in building stamina.

How to reach:

Asangaon is on Mumbai-Nashik highway 91 kms from Mumbai. 5 kms inside on the left is Mahuli village. The nearest railway station to Mahuli is Asangaon. I had travelled to the place by car. It takes 2.5 hours from western suburbs to reach the base point.

Things to carry:

One should carry ample water and snacks as there are no food stalls during the trek. I had also carried an extra pair of clothes, raincoat and waterproof cover for mobile phone as it was the rainy season.
We had visited the place in the rainy season on 2nd July 2017. The trek distance is anywhere between 7 to 8 kms.

Due to the rains the place is green and it feels like heaven on earth. One should wear good footwear with proper grip for the trek.

Due to the rainy season there are lot of waterfalls that you come across and the nature is at it’s best.

The climb is steep for most of the part and I would rate the trek difficulty level to 6.5 out of 10. Those who are used to walking and some regular cardio exercise wouldn’t find it difficult.

You come across lot of colourful butterflies and flowers & the nature and climate is at its very best.

One has to be careful around the corners as there are many 90 degree slopes during the trek and one has to be very careful at all times.

Once you are at the top, the view is breathtaking and cannot be expressed in words.

Mahuli Fort – Conquered!

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