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My experience at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2017

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is an open air festival on a street in the heart of Mumbai’s business district with free access to programming ranging from classical music to contemporary dance, theatre to ground-breaking literature. It was held in.

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13 reasons why I love Goa…

Goa is perhaps India’s most popular destination. It is known for its massive beaches and a unique culture that’s a mix of Indian and Portuguese. Have you ever fallen instantly in love with the feeling that this place gives.

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15 reasons why One should Travel

I love to travel and explore. It’s a generic claim that comes up at least once in every get-to-know-you conversation. Good morning boys n girls 😎😍 Happy Weekend 😉😙 #saturday #weekends #traveladdict #traveldiaries2017 #traveldiaries #journeys #freelancer #websites #websitedesign #webdeveloper.

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I wish…

I meet a lot of people belonging to different places, working in different domains. And I always end up asking all of them the same question: If given a choice, what is that ONE THING you wanna do in.

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