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Growing Old is compulsory, Growing up is Optional

In collaboration with the Upasana Society NGO, I visited Ishaprema Niketan NGO in Pune. One question that kept playing in my mind before the visit was, Would the people present there be happy to see me and what would.

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Menstrual Hygiene & Awareness- Dipti K

Upasana NGO along with it’s volunteers regularly organises Awareness Campaigns for Menstrual Hygiene to the underprivileged. During these campaigns, we also distribute Free Sanitary napkins to them. How it started? Upasana Society NGO volunteers regularly visit S. K. Chaudari.

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All you need to give is – PRIORITY

How many times has your answer been – “I want to, but I don’t have time.” Sometimes it takes very little… to make someone happy and satisfied😊😙😘 . Visit my website- . Please share similar photographs or videos.

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