Pouting: Need of the hour or an Epidemic

Pouting is a phenomenon of pushing one’s lips or one’s bottom lip forward as an expression which has become the need of the hour.

Pouting has become an epidemic and is spreading like wild fire among teenagers, adults and now even the old. Pun intended and this post is not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Here I present to you 27 ways and occasions of pouting, successfully achieved and captured.

1. Sports Lounge pout

2. Timepass traditional pout

3. Celebrity meet pout

4. Closeup pout

5. Cherrie (Pet) pout

6. Casual Freelancer pout

7. Shopping Mall pout

8. Coffee shop pout

9. Reception traditional pout

10. Nerdy pout

11. Timepass pout

12. DJ Dance floor pout

13. Saree pout

14. Car Driver pout

15. Car passenger pout

16. Front car seat pout

17. Mehendi pout

18. Beach pout

19. Scarf pout

20. Band Baja Baraat pout

21. Nose ring pout

22. Love is in the air pout

23. Restaurant entry pout

24. Kala Ghoda festival pout

25. Big Bindi traditional pout

26. T-Shirt pout

27. Sunset pout

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Pouting can be mastered over a period of time with practice. Good luck with your pouting. Happy Pouting.

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Essential leggings for your wardrobe

These pants might pinch your pocket but they are worth the splurge. These are soft, fit like a dream, and make you look classy.

Additionally, these are multipurpose and can be worn to the gym or beyond. Paired with a formal shirt, they make great work wear too.

These are not only flattering but they are extremely comfortable thanks to the Dri-Fit fabric that they are made of. These will keep you cool through your sweaty workouts but also on a hot summer outing.

I use them in multiple ways and thus they are a must have in your wardrobe.

You can also buy these from the links given below:

Home Care – Basic Needs

Bathing Soap:
Godrej No.1 Aloe Vera and White Lily Soap, 100g
Dettol Liquid Soap, 900 ml
Floor Cleaner:
Lizol Disinfectant Surface Cleaner Lavender, 975ml
Pantene Total Damage Care 10 Shampoo, 675ml
Garnier Conditioner – Ultra Blends 5 Precious Herbs, 175ml
Tresemme Nourish & Replenish Shampoo, 190ml
Tresemme Nourish & Replenish, Conditioner, 190ml
Sanitary Napkins:
Sofy Bodyfit Anti Bacteria XL – 30 Count
Sanitary Napkins:
Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads Large Wings – 30 Count

Menstrual Hygiene & Awareness

Upasana NGO along with it’s volunteers regularly organises Awareness Campaigns for Menstrual Hygiene to the underprivileged. During these campaigns, we also distribute Free Sanitary napkins to them.

If you wish to be a part of this initiative and make a donation, please order the napkins from the link given below. You can choose the number of packets that you wish to donate.
The Delivery Address for the napkins is:
Upasana NGO, G-402, Pranay Nagar, Vazira Naka, Borivali West, Mumbai-400091, Maharashtra, India.

Making a difference one step at a time!

Sofy Body Fit Anti Bacteria Sanitary Napkins


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Health Comes First

With the increasing competition and changes in lifestyle, the level of stress in individuals is increasing drastically. Yet we move on with the same velocity every morning when we wake up. But there are times when the body gives up and signals you to take a break. These warnings may come in any form – high/low Sugar, high/low Blood Pressure, Cold and Flu, Acidity, Gastric Problems, Headaches, Dehydration, etc, etc.
And the immediate next step we take is RUN TO A DOCTOR. But what if the Clinic is far from your home or if the Doctor is not available or anything unexpected happens?
You don’t want your loved ones to suffer. And thus why not keep certain things handy when it comes to Health of your Family. Keep certain Basic Medical Instruments at home so that you can check on your loved ones right at home.
Here’s a list of Medical Instruments that might be of help to you:

Blood Pressure Machine

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Netbooks of my choice

Netbook is basically a small laptop computer designed primarily for accessing Internet-based applications. It can be used to use simple office applications on the move. The main advantage of the netbook is the ease to carry it as its considerably light. Other advantage is that it is considerably cheap as compared to the other laptops.

One who has to work on the go should invest in such a laptop as it is easier to carry out your basic work and stay connected with work while on the move. Since its comparatively bigger than your mobile phone, it is easy on your eyes and replying to emails and other research becomes a bit easy. The battery life of such laptop also is considerably good.

One who works on heavy applications should not be investing in such a laptop as the processor cannot handle heavy applications.

Few Netbooks that I would suggest are as follows:

[Intel Celeron(2M Cache, up to 2.48 GHz)]
2GB, 1600MHz, DDR3L
32GB eMMC Storage
11.6-inch HD Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Display
Windows 10 Home operating system
10 hours battery life, 1.22kg laptop
Graphic card: Intel HD Graphics
No Optical Device
McAfee Security Center 15 month subscription
1.44GHz Intel Atom x5-Z8300 processor
32GB flash storage
10.1-inch screen, Intel HD Graphics
Windows 10 Home operating system
12 hours battery life, 1.2kg laptop
Versatile shape-shifter
Eye-catching trendsetter
Powerful producer
1.44GHz Intel Atom x5-Z8300 processor
32GB storage
10.1-inch screen, Integrated Graphics
Windows 10 operating system
12 hours battery life, 1.2kg laptop
Intel Celeron(2M Cache, up to 2.48 GHz)
2GB, 1600MHz, DDR3L
32GB eMMC Storage
11.6-inch HD (1366 x 768) Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Display [HDLCD]
Windows 10 Home operating system
10 hours battery life, 1.22kg laptop


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13 Things about Freelancing and Me

Freelancing for me isn’t just about looking for short-term work. There’s a whole lot of adventure down the freelancing road, a journey that only a true freelancer can endure and understand: battles against distraction, the hunt for unpaid invoices,etc

For me the freelance lifestyle is built on the idea of having more time to do what I love. It is about freedom to work from home, be your own boss or to have the flexibility to travel when I want.

As a freelancer I try to create a work life reality that fits my own expectations and unique circumstances.

1. My new office attire

The temptation to not get dressed can be huge when there’s no dress code to adhere to and no one to get dressed for. As a freelancer , I burnt My suit, briefcase and even my shoes, all I need now is a laptop, an endless supply of coffee and the same pajamas I slept in last night.

But I like to be causally dressed while working as the clothes I am wearing has a huge impact on the way our brains perceive the role that we’re filling. So I like to wear colourful clothes which I am comfortable in. During client meetings I am formally dressed. For all the other times I like to be casually dressed.

2. Work on the go…

The best part about my freelancing is that i have combined multiple businesses together. I try my level best toΒ interweave them into each other. I take care that none of them get affected because of other.

My laptop and other gadgets are always with me when I travel, thus I can manage having a right balance of work and pleasure.

3. Salary increases and everything is taken care of…

I had to build up on my experience, my networks and my client base before I could even think about being a freelancer.

It’s hard work, and in the beginning it used all my energy but I had to stay afloat and keep the work coming in while I got my name out there.

I didn’t start making money from the very beginning, so one has to ensure that they have savings to cover at least a few months or more as a precautionary measure.

4. It’s less stressful than working for someone else

As a freelancer I am running my own small business. This means I am my company’s accountant, sales person, project manager and CEO.

5. I am the BOSS….

I am a freelancer – I am my own boss now, right?

I may not have one single boss anymore, but I have soon noticed that instead I have a handful of mini-bosses – my new clients – each with a very specific idea of how that project should be carried out.

The only privilege that I have is thatΒ  if I have a particularly unreasonable client then I have the absolute right to turn that project down. This is a definite privilege of freelancing that can never be enjoyed when working as a regular employee

6. My time is my own

Working for myself can mean that I am never going to be able to fully switch off from work, which could mean my work eats a lot more of my personal time than an office job might without me even noticing it.

I have realised that there is no going home at the end of the day and I can’t just work ‘normal hours’ but it’s 24-7 at times.

Just because I work from home doesn’t mean I am open 24 hours a day. I try and set up reasonable expectations that I can live up to all the time with my clients.

7. More time for my friends

I am a freelancer but my friends are still in their office jobs and the only time that I can catch up with them is holidays or after work. But due to uncertainty of work, I cannot actually know before hand about the work that I may get.

I end up spending a lot of time with freelancers or my pet as they are the only people who are available.

8. Charge less to win over clients

As a freelancer I am competing against other freelancers for jobs. Over a period of time I have realised that customers pay for and look for quality.

Another good method which I followed was during my corporate job – I worked on small projects for my friends and relatives so they had an idea about my work.

9. My movable office

I had the option of renting an office but then I thought otherwise. I made a promise to myself that I will not get myself trapped in between office walls for the rest of my life. With this in my mind, I started finding my own space where I was comfortable working. I started meeting clients in cafeterias, restaurants and added a new outlook to the meetings. In return got to visit new places and travel a lot.

You will see that my office can be anywhere possible where I feel comfortable and can get my work done.

10. Automation, a MUST

Being in the field of web development, it’s no surprise that I have to be highly automated to keep track of my work, schedule, deadlines, projects, communication, etc. You will always find me with my laptop and other technology gadgets which keep me connected to my work.

I like to detach from them from time to time so that I do not become a slave to technology and work.

11. More time to cook

I love to cook and try new dishes every now and then. Freelancing has greatly helped me develop as a better cook than before.

From making salads, starters, main course dishes and lot more. I love spending some extra time in the kitchen.

12. More time with family

The biggest advantage of freelancing is that you get to spend a lot of time with your family. I love being pampered by my family as I end up spending lot of time with them.

13. Stress-free travelling

I love travelling but traveling to work during peak hours was my worst nightmare. But now, I have got the flexibility of travelling to places which are less crowded for a meeting and arrange the timings of the meetings so that I don’t end up being stuck in the traffic.

Being in Mumbai and having the choice at most of the times to avoid getting stuck in traffic during peak hours is one of the greatest boons.

After a while, if you’re good, the work will find you – but in the early days I had some horrible gaps during which I felt the cold breath of unemployment at my neck.

A freelance programmer’s life can be a hell and a heaven, it depends on how well you manage it.

So, now you know the truth about freelancing which I am personally undergoing! Think you need some more advice on getting that career off the ground? You can drop me an email at diptik@diptik.in for any inputs and suggestions.

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I wish…

I meet a lot of people belonging to different places, working in different domains. And I always end up asking all of them the same question:

If given a choice, what is that ONE THING you wanna do in YOUR LIFE?

And out of 10 at least 8 of them reply this:

I would wanna TRAVEL the WHOLE WORLD, meet new people, explore places, etc.

My next question is – What are you doing about it?

And in response, all I get is SILENCE.

I guess we have involved ourselves so much into the RAT RACE that we almost forget to think over what is it that we are running towards? Not that I am not a part of it. I was a part of it for almost 5-6 years, but as soon as I came out of it, I felt quite relieved. My stress levels almost went to zero. I started doing things I always wanted to do.

Why am I writing about this all of a sudden?? Yesterday I was watching TV and I came across this show where they were talking about the work life balance of the Country – France. The French law does not allow employees to work more than 35 hours a week. And I was so happy to see the families sitting together and having meals. People catching up with friends, going for picnics, playing badminton, cricket, tennis and what not.

I just wanted to share this with you people and see if you feel what I feel too.

If you cannot leave the Race, please make sure you balance your personal and professional lives. And yes, do sit and think about where is it taking you 10-15 years down the line – towards fulfilling your dreams or towards a complex Race?

Have an amazing day wherever you are πŸ™‚

And do spread smiles πŸ™‚

Those who wish to share their stories about how they strike a balance with their daily life can mail it to me on diptik@diptik.in

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