Essential leggings for your wardrobe

These pants might pinch your pocket but they are worth the splurge. These are soft, fit like a dream, and make you look classy.

Additionally, these are multipurpose and can be worn to the gym or beyond. Paired with a formal shirt, they make great work wear too.

These are not only flattering but they are extremely comfortable thanks to the Dri-Fit fabric that they are made of. These will keep you cool through your sweaty workouts but also on a hot summer outing.

I use them in multiple ways and thus they are a must have in your wardrobe.

You can also buy these from the links given below:

Plank it up

Being a freelancer, I just realized that I need to take some time out for my health. Health being totally neglected was also one of the reasons for me diving into being a freelancer. Working in the corporates for 7 years, I realized that my core muscles had completely gone for a toss. I started walking and jogging to start off with but soon understood that my core muscles were giving up even though my stamina increased.

I did some research online to find out that plank is one of the best exercises one can do for your core as it builds strength to help sculpt your waistline and improve your posture. The reason why I got more inclined towards it was because the form is very straightforward. I also realized that it works for your hamstrings, supports proper posture, and improves balance.

Even though the form is straightforward, holding the position for long takes strength and endurance in your abs, back, and core. I understood in my first few tries that I will have to do it regularly to stay in the position for more than a minute. With the little experience I have got while doing it, your goal should be to hold it for two minutes.

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Health Comes First

With the increasing competition and changes in lifestyle, the level of stress in individuals is increasing drastically. Yet we move on with the same velocity every morning when we wake up. But there are times when the body gives up and signals you to take a break. These warnings may come in any form – high/low Sugar, high/low Blood Pressure, Cold and Flu, Acidity, Gastric Problems, Headaches, Dehydration, etc, etc.
And the immediate next step we take is RUN TO A DOCTOR. But what if the Clinic is far from your home or if the Doctor is not available or anything unexpected happens?
You don’t want your loved ones to suffer. And thus why not keep certain things handy when it comes to Health of your Family. Keep certain Basic Medical Instruments at home so that you can check on your loved ones right at home.
Here’s a list of Medical Instruments that might be of help to you:

Blood Pressure Machine

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Avoid the elevator

Have you ever tried doing this? When I did this for the first time, I felt short of breath (phewwwww)

And since then I felt the need to start doing it on a regular basis. I stay in a 7 storey building and use the stairs till the 4th floor as of now.

I am also going to follow this when I go to Shopping malls or any other place where I can avoid the Elevator.

Do try this and make it a habit πŸ™‚

All the best πŸ˜‰



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Better late than never

It was not too late when I realised I had to stop thinking and start doing something about my fitness.

So here’s my story..

I have left my corporate job since a couple of months now. Over these months, I have been involved into things which I always wanted to do. And during this course, I ended up eating junk food, not JUST junk food, but a LOT of it. On top of that, public transport changed to private; so neither reaching late to work nor running to catch a bus, rik or a train worried me anymore.

And just then, I went shopping for a dress I had to wear to my best friend’s wedding and I realized, I was not fitting into dresses of my regular size.

I gave a thought over it and started feeling the need to get back in shape.

Here is what I started doing since the last 3 days to be precise:

1) Walking at least 10,000 steps

2) Tea/Coffee are OFF the List (I was never a big fan of these, but I used to end up eating 8-10 biscuits at one go with my tea)

3) Replaced Milk Tea with Green Tea

4) Sweet Cravings πŸ™ (Stopped eating sweets, chocolates, cakes and pastries)


This is it so far. Well it’s been only 3 days and today was the 4th day.

My only goal as of now is to get back to the size I was <3

I have made a few changes in my eating habits as well. I am going to talk about it in my next post.

This post is for myself as well as all those people out there who feel the need to be fit.

Better late than never.


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What advantages is there designed for with the for free musically lovers hack

If you mainly wind up bursting down into that an dynamic song and then dance timetable every time your preferred song comes on the air or your Spotify playlist, after that Musical. Ly could be an item worth discovery if you’re thinking taking your functionality abilities and then studies to the next basic. It’s one of the newest sociable apps straight to explode available on position. What Musical. Ly is all about

Musical. Ly is usually a free cellular app which allows its members to build and then point out tracks movies up to 15 seconds very long. Members will probably search for a tracks clip out on an incredible number of tracks out there more efficient during the Musical. Ly app or they can will use tracks along with their device. Once an integrated song free hearts is being preferred, members mainly studies themselves singing during the clip along with their front-facing cameras. Results is usually used on movies before now posting straight to make them what’s more stand out. On the sociable part of stuff, Musical. Ly packs many things in common and at apps dream Instagram. During the menu revealed at the bottom during these app, you’ll see an integrated residence feed tab that presents tracks movies out on almost every other members you follow, an integrated search tab to watch what is warm, an activity tab as well as a client felt tab. Deciding on your tracks

Musical. Ly comes with an extremely pertinent library of tracks straight to equate to for your tracks movies. Undergo through collections of what is warm, lip syncing classics, comedy tracks and then some more. You can even utilize the search bar to discover a extremely precise track. As the meaning hugely more comfortable, there’s a man or woman major downside: there is not any path to go for on which 15-second clip during these track you want relating to your video. You merely have to work with any of the clip that Musical. Ly allows you. Recommended: how exactly to Snapchat and at tracks in certain during the mobile phone

Documenting an integrated tracks Video

Any of the yellow button in the center of any of the menu is usually what allows you to start off and at documenting your initial tracks video. You have the option to choose apart an integrated tracks track initial, on which will start in certain after you hit studies (so you can lip sync at a time) or on the contrary one would snare your video initial and then carry any of the audio as is usually or add a track once the it has been shot. How exactly to Film an integrated Musical. Ly Video with no still left down any of the Button

Still left down any of the studies button flawlessly through your video could be a aches and pains if you wish to still be what’s more expressive, and then on which couple of ways to get somewhere around that it. The first trick that can be used will be to carry down any of the studies button independent of the “X” available on my personal favorite still left corner at a time. The next matter you can do is usually tap any of the five-second timer button located available on a correct of your create, on which will start an integrated five-second countdown to begin documenting. Recommended: 10 of the principal Video Streaming apps supposed only about to receive children

Taking part in contests and then matters

Musical. Ly is an extremely sociable veggie, and then as of apt to any of the search tab, you’ll see an integrated posted rivals on the top, that you will probably click to watch its specifics and then engage if you like. You can even undergo during the list of trending hashtags and then will use getting back in on the fun to raise the number of hearts you get and then climb the right path on the Musical. Ly leaderboard. Preparation Duets

Musical. Ly packs a third what’s more fine feature which allows you produce a duet and at a partner you follow (who’ve follows you back in). Only about view an existing video of theirs and then tap any of the “. . . ” icon straight to pull up a listing of possibilities. Tap “start duet by now!” and will be recognised straight to film your tracks video straight to the same tracks. If you’re performed, any of the preview will present a variety of clips between the video and then then one user’s video insert straight to the same tracks. There’s increasingly more you can do and at Musical. Ly, and then a great way to figure out is usually as of downloading that it and then affected by that it to receive yourself. You will discover that it to receive free of both iTunes App outlet and then Google enjoy.