A picture is worth a thousand words!- Dipti K

It’s been quite some time now since we are into Photography – weddings, birthday parties, baby shower, nature photography, portfolios, etc. But recently, we did a photoshoot of a pet – a pet dog. Of all the experiences we have had, this one was the best.

We started at 8 in the morning. Out of the 4 of us, 2 were taking shots and the other 2 were helping us with the equipments. God, we had no idea we all would end up taking shots by the end of the day. Initially, there was a warm up session, wherein the owner took the pet for a routine walk. But once that was done, the pet dog, she would just not sit at one place. She wanted to play all the time, run here and there. We all sensed how difficult the entire day was going to be. But the result was amazing. Both the owner and us, we were satisfied and happy with the pictures.

Pictures which did not need any caption.

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