A Simple way to Track my Fitness- Dipti K

In the age of technology and gadgets, a watch that helps you live a healthy, balanced life by tracking your all-day activity, exercise, sleep and weight.

In our busy day-to-day life, it is very important to keep ourselves fit and healthy. We need to have the right kind of motivation and help from experts do go that extra mile and to loose or gain that extra inch or pound.

Every moment matters and every bit makes a big impact. Because fitness is the sum of your life.

How you spend your day determines when you reach your goals. And seeing your progress helps you see what’s possible.

When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, steps and walks are just the beginning.

Fastrack Reflex activity tracker is a watch that lets you synchronize your phone with it and keep track of your exercise, sleep, reminders, weight as well as  phone notifications.

It has a rechargeable battery which is ready for 10 days of non-stop action!

It is water resistant IPX6 and thus splashes are not a problem anymore.

It is very trendy and comes in 3 colours (Blue, Purple and Black) and it goes along with most of my fitness wear.

You can buy it online from the link given below or from any Titan store near you.


At Rs. 1899/- it is a good investment which will help you regularly keep track of your goals and at the same time will look great on your hand.

Cheers. Stay fit and look good.

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