Chandivali Studio- Dipti K

Chandivali Studio, as it is famously known, came into existence more than seven decades ago.

The idea behind this was to create multiple, diverse locations, use them for shooting Mr. Kadam’s own films and also make these locations available to other producers. This innovative concept was unprecedented in the Indian movie context and established a template for many imitators in subsequent years. It took Mr. Kadam nearly 5 years to clear and level the land and a lifetime to create and develop various locations.

This studio has witnessed innumerable success stories of films and television serials and has been a second home to a galaxy of famous film and tv stars, directors, producers and technicians. We consider it an honour to be a part of their success, motivating us to provide ever-improving facilities and services.

I got a chance to brand market the place and had a great time while doing so.

Some of the clicks for the different location are given below:

Court Room setup



Garden setup




Hospital setup



Jail setup


Police station setup


Bungalow setup



Office setup

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