Growing Old is compulsory, Growing up is Optional

In collaboration with the Upasana Society NGO, I visited Ishaprema Niketan NGO in Pune. One question that kept playing in my mind before the visit was, Would the people present there be happy to see me and what would be the topic of our conversation?

And as soon as I reached there, I got all my answers. The inmates were very hospitable and friendly,and they welcomed me with their beautiful smiles.

Old age is also called the second childhood,and is a time when one needs love and care. After spending a few hours with them I realised that they do not need money and luxuries in life but just someone to spend time with them.

As it is rightly said, “Getting old is compulsory but growing up is optional”. I got to see a small child in each one of them who wanted someone to share their joys and sorrows. If you ever have some free time at your disposal do visit a nearby Old age home and try to bring smiles on their faces.

Some of the videos and photographs during my visit to the NGO are given below:

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